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Dominican Republic Ramirez Estate Aged Natural

  • $19.99

Red Rooster is excited to bring you an aged natural coffee for the first time! Grown at 1400 masl in the Dominican Republic, the family-owned Ramirez Estate is producing not only exceptional coffees but they‘re also very conscious of their environment and community. For this slow aged natural, cherries are fermented for 24 hours in a sealed environment before spending the next 18 days drying. After that, the coffee is stored in the dried cherry for 8 months, allowing the fruit’s natural flavors and sugars to permeate the bean. The result is a cup bursting with jammy strawberry, cherry, Madagascar chocolate and Pinot Noir.

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Roast Profile Medium
Process Aged Natural
Variety Red Caturra
Location Dominican Republic
Farm / Elevation Ramirez Estate / 1400 masl


The Ramirez Estate is owned by a single family and focuses not only on exceptional coffees, but is also exceptionally socially conscious. Fermented coffee cherries are used to create natural gas that powers the estate. Books and computers are donated to local schools in need, and in a remote rural area they built and funded a new school. This school has enabled children access to an education that they would otherwise have had to walk over 15 km each way to receive. They also assist Haitian workers in gaining legal residence in the Dominican Republic so they can receive fair wages.