Red Rooster is a Virginia-based coffee company roasting only the highest quality beans from around the world.

About Red Rooster

A story of passion, dreams, and an unparalleled commitment to quality and excellence.


Established in 2010 in downtown Floyd, VA (pop 432), Red Rooster was created with the simple notion of roasting excellent coffee for the owner’s existing coffee house, The BlackWater Loft. Co-owners (and husband and wife) Haden Polseno-Hensley and Rose McCutchan soon found that their passion for carefully sourced and meticulously roasted specialty coffee was shared by customers around the region. Within two years the Red Rooster hired Head Roaster Tony Greatorex and saw the customer base stretch northward to Washington DC, Baltimore, and NYC. Today, Red Rooster is one of the country’s premier specialty coffee roasting companies, offering a multitude of exceptional Single Origins, Organic and Fair Trade blends, Direct Trade coffees, transparently traded coffees, and select microlots from around the world.




A great cup of coffee begins with the work and vision of the specialty coffee farmer, whose attention to detail in the growing and picking process is perhaps the most important step in a chain of events that leads to excellent coffee. After the ripe fruit is picked, the coffee is then processed in a variety of methods, the most popular being the Washed or Wet process. Processing coffee is among the most delicate procedures in the supply chain and ultimately determines the quality in your cup. At Red Rooster, we receive hundreds of samples of coffee every year, which we sample roast and cup for quality before deciding whether or not to purchase. Upon receiving green coffee in our facility, we sample roast and cup the coffee again to compare the quality and determine the best roast profile for that individual coffee. Only then do we begin to roast the coffee in production and offer it to our customers.

Coffee With A Conscience

From the very beginnings of Red Rooster, we have operated under three main ethical tenets.  

1) We source all of our coffee as responsibly as possible, meaning we use Organic and Fair Trade coffees for all of our blends and many of our single origins. When our coffees are not Organic or Fair Trade, they are of premium quality, transparently sourced from estates and farms that are known to treat workers equitably and take care of the land. In some cases we are even able to buy coffee from farmers and traders in the country of origin, meaning more money flows into the country and farmers can take better care of their coffee trees and their families. 

2) We have always strived to operate sustainably in our daily operations by offering biodegradable coffee bags, having our bags hand-printed locally using water-based inks, composting our chaff with local organic farms, and minimizing our footprint by recycling and reusing within our facilities. In fact, our co-owner, Haden, was a founding member and president of the local sustainability non-profit, SustainFloyd. 

3) As a family business, we have always strived to do our part to help create a vibrant local community by hiring locally, providing a living wage and health care to our employees, contributing to local charities, and participating in local fundraisers all with the intention of developing into an economic and social anchor in our small rural community.

Our Team

You won’t find a more dedicated team of collaborators. From roast to pour, we oversee all the details and sweat the small stuff.

Haden Polseno-Hensley


After a 5 year stint with the National Park Service in the Grand Tetons, Haden received his MFA in Creative Writing while living in Alaska, then worked as a carpenter to support his writing habit. After a half a year in Italy, he moved back to his hometown of Floyd, VA, married his high school sweetheart and followed her into the coffee industry. He started as the roaster, bagger, distributor, and salesman for Red Rooster, but today he’s happy to have people working for Red Rooster who are better at all those things.

Rose McCutchan


After working in the professional food service world in NYC for several years, Rose moved home to Floyd VA to open a small cafe with her mother and sister. After six years in business, Rose decided to up the cafe’s quality by investing in roasting coffee in-house. For this task, she conscripted her husband, Haden, and the two began Red Rooster with the help of friends and family. Today, Rose continues to manage the coffee shop, The BlackWater Loft, while managing purchasing and bookkeeping for the Red Rooster roasting business.

Tony Greatorex

Head Roaster

Originally from Maine, Tony began his coffee career as a barista in 2008 after the economy tanked and what started as a temporary job quickly turned into an obsession. At Red Rooster, Tony juggles the many responsibilities of sample roasting, quality control, and managing the production roasting. If you're curious why our coffee is so good, much of it can be traced back to Tony's passion and ability as a roaster. When he’s not roasting or drinking coffee, he can be found on his bike, pedalling the Blue Ridge Parkway or spending time with his wife, Jolie and their two dogs.

Jolie Greatorex

Sales Manager

Also from Maine, Jolie came to coffee with an eye towards customer service. Among her many responsibilities are handling customer relations and wholesale enquiries, along with advertising and marketing, purchasing, and trying to keep everyone at Red Rooster in line. When she’s at home, she’s handy with a sewing machine and likes a nice walk with her husband, Tony, and their two dogs.

Grace McCutchan

Roaster & Trainer

Grace began her coffee career at the age of 14 as a barista at The BlackWater Loft. You may notice the family resemblance to co-owner Rose McCutchan, who is Grace’s sister. After traveling abroad, Grace returned home to immerse herself in the family business, honing her skills as a barista and learning the craft of roasting. She is a Level 1 SCA Certified Barista and recently took her skills to the Nashville Coffee Fest where she pulled shots for Red Rooster in the National America’s Best Espresso Competition.

Jessica Messer

Barista & Trainer

A seventh generation Floyd native, Jessie was drawn into the world of specialty coffee at the tender age of 15 and hasn't looked back. She is a Level 1 SCA Certified Barista, lead barista at the BlackWater Loft and barista trainer for our partner cafes. Recently she competed in the qualifying round of the US Coffee Champs where she placed 27th out of 60 competitors. When she isn't pulling shots or steaming milk, she's participating in various redneck shenanigans with her husband, Stu, and their two dogs.

Tully Anderson

Shipping Coordinator

Originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Tully married a McCutchan but he is still getting used to the lack of mosquitos and snow in Floyd. From a corporate banking background, including working for the Federal Reserve, Tully now uses his skill set to manage both Red Rooster’s wholesale and retail daily shipments. With the exception of 18 weeks out of the year, Tully suffers from withdrawal from not being able to watch his beloved Green Bay Packers on Sunday.