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Nuova Simonelli Musica Espresso Machine

  • $3125.00

Simple, efficient, and compact. The Musica is an elegant compact volumetric machine capable of delivering high-quality espresso. This machine allows the operator to program up to three independent dosages. Once programmed, the three independent dosages can be easily selected via the back-lit soft-touch buttons found on the front of the machine. All of which can be dimmed and brightened to fit in at any setting. The Musica is available in two different setups. One with a water tank reservoir for ease of use (Pour-Over) and another that can connect directly to a water source (Direct Connect), eliminating the need to refill the tank in the back. Available in sleek Black or LUX. The original lit edges (from tiny LEDs with low power inputs) on the LUX version give Musica a note of original refinement.

Weight 45 lb. (20412g)

Standard Features: Volumetric Dosing; Manual Dosing; Push Pull Steam; Soft Infusion System; Reverse Mirror; Boiler Pressure Gauge

Specifications: 13" L x 17" H x 16" W; Boiler Size - 2 Liters; 110v; 1200 Watts; 10 Amps; Power Input - Nema 5-15; Water Connection required for Direct Connect version only; Built in Drain

Warranty: Gold Warranty. All warranty and service questions should be directed to Nuova Simonelli. Red Rooster is not responsible for any defects or issues with the machine.

Water Info: The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Replacement time of filters depends on the water and quantity of drinks being made. Please visit Nuova Simonelli directly for more information on water filtration systems, cartridge lifespans, and water requirements. Feel confident in the water you are using by purchasing a RSCF124 Water Filtration System with your machine today. *Alternatively, the Pour-Over version can be filled using clean, filtered, bottled water that meets the required water specifications.

Ships free direct from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery time. 

Additional Photos and Specs
Musica vs. Oscar II