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Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Anaerobic Natural

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This coffee packs a lot of berry punch. Strawberry dominates with supporting notes of blackberry, raspberry and rose. Expect plenty of chocolate and a creamy mouthfeel. For several years, Ethiopia Worka has consistently been one of our favorite coffees. We’re particularly excited about this fresh crop that’s been anaerobically processed. Produced in the heart of the revered Gedeb growing region, ripe cherries are handpicked and go through several rounds of sorting before being packed in special plastic bags to start the fermentation process. After about 16 hours, gas is removed from the airtight bags, allowing the anaerobic process to begin. Depending on weather and temperature, this process can take anywhere from 3-7 days. Once the cherries have reached their desired color and pH level, the coffee is transferred to raised beds for final drying. 

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Worka Sakaro is a small area in the Gedeb district close to Yirgacheffe. The area is high in altitude, and much of the surrounding area is about 2000 to 2200 meters above sea level. Approximately 300 small farm holders deliver cherry yearly to the local mill.

 The anaerobic process first starts with selecting the ripest cherries by using a brix meter to measure the mucilage content. The cherries will then be soaked in a tank to separate any possible floaters. The denser coffees sinks to the bottom and is then separated and transferred to raised beds immediately to remove any excess water. The cherries are then packed in special plastic bags to start the fermentation process. Right after 16 hours the fermentation process starts. Gas is removed from the plastic bags to start the anaerobic processing. Depending on the outside temperature and weather the fermentation could take anywhere from 3-7 days. Once the Ph level and color is met the coffee is then transferred to raised beds for final drying.


Roast Profile Light
Process Anaerobic Natural
Variety Heirloom
Location Worka-Sakaro, Gedeb, Gedeo Zone, SNNP Region
Farm / Elevation Worka Sakaro Washing Station