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Trust The Process- Red Honey

  • $14.99

We’re proud to offer this Red Honey process coffee from producer Felipe Trujillo of Véntola Coffee, a fermentation specialist and exporter from Santa Barbara, Antioquia, Colombia. This lot consists of Yellow Colombia varietals that are picked at precise ripeness and floated for density. The mass is then fermented in a holding tank for 12 hours giving the coffee a notable fruity taste and aroma. The cherries are de-pulped (skin and some flesh removed) and dried on raised sun beds for 2 weeks until they reach 11% moisture, and then kept in grain pro bags an additional two weeks before dry milling. Tasting Notes: Semi-sweet chocolate, honeydew melon and vanilla custard.

Weight 8 oz. (227g)

Coffee Info

Producer Felipe Trujillo
La Ventolera
Variety Yellow Colombia
Location Santa Barbara, Antioquia
Process Red Honey