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SOLD OUT! Trust The Process- Full Natural

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A Red Rooster exclusive! This Full Natural process coffee is grown by Willington Ultengo at his farm Los Naranjos, in La Argentina, Huila, Colombia. Willington’s terroir produces stellar results for natural coffees: High altitude, older variety stock and the farm borders a large nature preserve with old-growth forest and native wildlife crossings. Consisting of Caturra and Colombia varietals, ripe cherries are initially floated in water to select the densest and ripest among them. After this process, the sorted cherries are dried on raised beds for 11-14 days and turned twice a day to provide ample sun. They are then dry milled at 11% moisture. Los Naranjos is only producing a few bags of naturals right now and we are pleased to say that we purchased them all! Learn more about Willington and Los Naranjos below. Tasting Notes: Cherry Jolly Rancher, grape soda, brown spice & honeycrisp apple.

Weight 8 oz. (227g)

Coffee Info

Considered a pioneer in his region, Willington is part of the Nasa ingenious people group, a community that has typically farmed coffee according to the prescribed model of the Colombia National Coffee Grower’s Federation. While this model guarantees a point of sale for their coffee, it places importance on volume over quality and offers an unsustainable price structure.

With encouragement and guidance from Felipe Trujillo of Ventola Coffee (see our Red Honey offering), Willington decided to pursue naturals to distinguish his product from other producers in the area. This decision was important since Natural process coffees are rare in Huila- especially among the indigenous producers. This risk paid off and he was able to achieve a higher cupping score along with a higher price for his coffee. This step of faith by Willington began to influence a small group of producers in Huila who have begun their own experimental processing. With guidance from Felipe and Willington, producers in Huila have the potential for a true change in living standards.

Producer Willington Ultengo          
Farm Los Naranjos
Variety Caturra, Colombia
Location La Argentina, Huila, Colombia
Process Natural, Dried on raised beds