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Trust The Process Box Set

  • $49.99

Looking for something truly unique and intensely delicious? After collaborating on a couple of small projects with Yellow Rooster Importing (Matchbook Coffee, The Fix) we are overjoyed to announce our new series of outrageously delicious and unique coffees we’re calling Trust The Process. Each coffee is picked and processed meticulously by farmers who obviously hold a passion for perfection. These coffees, one Natural Process, one Red Honey Process, and one Fruit Punch Washed, are now available individually or as a box set. Box set includes (3) 8 oz cans. 

Weight 24 oz. (680g)

Coffee Info

Trust the Process - Full Natural by Willington Ultengo - Ripe Caturra and Colombia varietal cherries floated in water to select the densest and ripest cherries, then dried on raised beds for 11-14 days, turned twice a day to provide ample sun, and dry milled at 11% moisture. Visit page→

Trust the Process - Red Honey by Felipe Trujillo - Yellow Colombia varietals are picked at precise ripeness and floated for density. The mass is then fermented in a holding tank for 12 hours giving the coffee a notable fruity taste and aroma. The cherries are de-pulped (skin and some flesh removed) and dried on raised sun beds for 2 weeks until they reach 11% moisture, and then kept in grain pro bags an additional two weeks before dry milling. Visit page→

Trust the Process - Fruit Punch Washed by José Giraldo - A new one to us! Caturra varietal cherries picked at peak ripeness are then stored in airtight sealed containers until the fermentation process begins. The CO2 released during fermentation aids in macerating the cherry (meaning the bubbling CO2 splits and peels off the cherry skin) and once the desired pH is met, the coffee is pulped and fully washed. Visit page→