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Rwanda Gasharu Natural

  • $17.99

Expect notes of amaretto, raisin and tangerine. Started by Celestin Rumenerangabo, the Gasharu Coffee Company has developed a strong coffee culture and tradition over the past thirty years. Women make up 70% of the company's workforce which includes 6 full time locals and upwards of 150 part-time workers during peak season. Leading up to the Tutsi Genocide in 1994, Gasharu was seeing tremendous growth and much success. After 4 difficult years, Celestin and his family were able to resume business and have worked hard ever since to rebuild their lives. 

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Gasharu Coffee Co. operates two washing stations, Meuhororo & Gasharu. The Gasharu Washing Station is managed by Celestin’s wife, Gorrette Mukamurenzyi, and includes six fermentation tanks and 100 raised drying beds. Producers from twelve main coffee village farms bring their cherries to the Gasharu Washing Station. 

Coffee Info

Roast Profile Light-Medium
Process Natural
Variety Bourbon
Location Nyamasheke District