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Peru Rayos Del Sol

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This Direct Trade coffee comes from the farm of Percy Pintado in the legendary growing region of Northern Peru. At some of the highest global growing elevations, the “Amazon Andes” produces coffee with bright, rich flavors and some of the best developed flavor profiles in the world. We are proud to share Finca Rayos del Sol with you! Keep scrolling down to read more about the farm. Tasting notes include: Yellow plum, black currant jam, tangerine. 

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

The farm is named Rayos del Sol due to the amount of sun common to the region and symbolically because the farm is the source of livelihood and joy for Percy and his family. This beautiful farm is accessible only by hike or on horseback and situated at an elevation of over 5,500 ft. Rayos del Sol is a relatively small farm, producing 6,000- 7000kg annually (or about 13,000- 15,000 lbs.) and has been actively producing coffee for 7 years. Percy comes from a 2nd generation coffee family and loves his work. He lives in this small town with his wife and 3 children and is known in the area for a very positive outlook on life and a particular focus on quality when it comes to his coffee.

On the farm, only organic fertilizers are used and tropical fruit trees are inter-cropped with the coffee to support biodiversity and provide shade coverage for the coffee trees.  This coffee is processed similarly to our other Peruvian direct trade coffees in which fully ripened cherries are hand-picked, wet-processed and allowed to gradually sun-dry on concrete patios for 7-12 days. After processing at the dry mill, the green beans undergo a meticulous sorting procedure before being packed and shipped.

Roast Profile  Light/Medium
Process Washed
Variety Red Caturra, Yellow Caturra, Bourbon
Location San Ignacio


Percy Pintado



Coffee Review, April 2017
Overall Score: 93

"Delicate, richly sweet. Lilac, roasted cacao nib, vanilla bean... For those who enjoy the virtues of decidedly light-roasted coffees, this Peru offers a delicately floral cup with high-toned cacao notes throughout."


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