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Papau New Guinea Baroida

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 arthy hints of plum, fig, coriander, creamy chocolate, and pomegranate shine in this honey process from the Baroida Estate in the Eastern Highlands. Established in the 1960's, the estate's founder, Ben Colbran, was amongst the first farmers to grow coffee in the area. Today, the farm has become a family legacy with Ben's son Nicol overseeing operations. With careful sorting a top priority, the estate's coffee is of the highest quality and we are proud to share it with you. 

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Roast Profile Medium- Light
Process Honey

Arusha, Bourbon, Mundo Nova, Typica

Location Papua New Guinea - Baroida, Aiyura, Kianantu
Farm / Elevation Baroida Estate / 1700-1850 masl                                          


Named for a stubborn rock spirit in the local river, Baroida Estate had rocky beginnings and a steep learning curve to overcome. Colbran mimicked his early planting system after Kenyan practices. Unfortunately, this system was completely unsuited to Papua New Guinea where the average rainfall is 90 inches and Kenya's is less than 60. Drainage ditches had to be dug in between each row of coffee in order to adapt to the wet highlands of PNG. Only minor adjustments to Colbran's original systems have been implemented since the 1960's, including more shade trees, renovations, and planting programs to anticipate future growth. Nicol Colbran, the current owner, says the high quality of coffee produced at Colbran Coffeelands is due to the "old fashioned" systems in place.