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Flight Seasonal Espresso

  • $14.49

For her first ever US Barista Competition, Jessie Spangler opted to use a blend of two processes from an outstanding farm and micromill in Costa Rica called Las Lajas, run by husband and wife, Fransisca and Oscar Chacon. We've decided to use this outstanding blend as the latest edition of our seasonal espresso blend, now comprised of both Cumbres Del Poas Black Honey and Alma Negra Full Natural. The result is dark ripe figs, dried tart cherry, raisin, notes of vanilla and cocoa. Delicious as espresso or drip!

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

In addition to our Old Crow Espresso, Red Rooster offers a flight of seasonal espressos throughout the year with new versions available every 3 months. The artwork is from our dear friend, Grant Figura and we think it represents our aggressive pursuit of great coffee. The latest edition of our seasonal espresso blend features two delicious coffees from the Las Lajas mill of Costa Rica: Cumbres Del Poas Black Honey and Alma Negra Full Natural. The result is bright blood orange, ripe fig, dried tart cherry, raisin, and baking spices. 

Roast Profile Light-Medium Roast
Process Black Honey and Natural
Location Sabanilla de Alajuela, Costa Rica
Certification Organic



Coffee Review, February 2017
Overall Score: 93

"Bright, chocolaty, floral-toned. Grapefruit, dark chocolate, hazelnut butter, lavender, fresh-cut cedar in aroma and small cup. Lively, full, velvety mouthfeel; tart, aromatic wood-framed finish." Evaluated as espresso.



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