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Mexico Las Cotorras AA

  • $16.49

Fully-washed and fermented for 20-24 hours, Las Cotorras coffee is grown at 1300-1700 masl in the highlands of the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Named after the Cotorras bird which find their perfect habitat in the native shade trees on coffee farms.  Preferring a "coffeelands" habitat for nesting, these birds are a symbol of authenticity and freedom in Chaipas. Known for its sweet notes, we found this cup of Las Cotorras coffee to be balanced and mellow with an orange zest aroma and light acidity, and notes of caramelized sugar, rough puff pastry and fresh apricot. 

Weight 12.56 oz. (356g)

Coffee Info

Roast Profile Medium
Process Fully Washed
Variety Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Mundo Novo
Location Chiapas, Mexico
Producer Around 300 Small-Scale Producers


Chiapas is home to the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, a protected area of close to 120 thousand hectares, and the very last of the Central American cloud forests. These forests' naturally occurring condensation is trapped, giving life to a large amount of plant and animal species.