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Honduras Mujale

  • $15.99

Produced by an association of indigenous Lenca women, the Mujale co-op was founded in September of 2013 with the mission of combating unemployment and extreme poverty in the local population. Today the group is composed of 50 women producers from the coffee producing regions of Chinacla, Márcala, Santa Ana and Guajiquiro. Roasted dark, this coffee is sweet and syrupy with notes of rich chocolate and creamy hazelnut. A clean and balanced cup.

Weight 12.56 oz. (356g)

Coffee Info 

Guided by a profound sense of responsibility for the stewardship of natural resources, Mujale practices organic agricultural methods. They cultivate their coffee beneath shade provided by diverse species of trees, use only organic fertilizers and take precautions to protect the health and vitality of their soils. In order to both diversify their products and utilize the rich agricultural potential of these zones, Mujale also works in the production and marketing of beans, corn, organic fertilizers, aloe vera and fruit marmalade. -Farm To Roast

Roast Profile Vienna (Dark)
Process Washed
Location Chinacla, La Paz, Honduras
Mujale association