Red Rooster is a Virginia-based coffee company roasting only the highest quality beans from around the world.

Organic Floyd Farmhouse Blend

  • $13.99

Our breakfast blend is a combination of three seasonal coffees from around the world. With its integration of Central American and African coffees it creates a brightly sweet aroma, with tasting notes of chocolate and almond. When it is served as a black coffee it will easily brighten up your morning! Roasted within the Light to Medium profile.  

Weight 12.56 oz. (356g)

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Coffee Info 

We recommend brewing Farmhouse with a V60 pour over brewer. Learn how to brew→

Roast Profile Light-Medium Roast
Process Washed
Location African, Central America
Certification Organic, Fair Trade 



Winner of Design Lab Packaging Award, Global Specialty Coffee Expo, Seattle, 2017