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Ethiopia Nansebo Worka

  • $20.99

This washed process organic coffee is sourced from the Zenebe Simbret Washing Station, which is located in the remote village of Tulu Gola. Accessible only during the dry season, the mill is owned and operated by Zenebe Genale, a hard working Sidama man who employs over 200 full time and seasonal workers. Producers supplying coffee to the washing station are directly paid a guaranteed minimum price plus a premium for high quality cherries. Honeysuckle and rose aroma, sweet ripe plum, fresh apricot with pomegranate acidity.

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info


Process Washed
Variety Local landrace varieties
Location Oromia Region, Nansebo District, Tulu Gola Village
Certification Organic