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Ethiopia Degafe Burka Natural

  • $22.00

This fruit dried natural process coffee has notes of tangerine marmalade, black tea with honey, lychee, and an orange blossom honey mouthfeel. In partnership with Catalyst Trade, we've helped producer Degafe Burka separate his coffee into his first single farm nano-lot. We’re privileged to share this incredible coffee with you and to celebrate this important milestone with Degafe. As part of our partnership with Catalyst, we’re returning 25% of the profits from the sale of this nanolot back to Degafe's farm. Each 8 oz bag includes a postcard print of this nanolot's custom art. Scroll down to learn more! 

Weight 8 oz. (227g)

Coffee Info

In Ethiopia, small coffee producers like Degafe typically deliver their crop to local washing stations where it gets added to other farms' coffee to form larger community lots. This coffee, however, is incredibly special. Degafe’s coffee cherries were kept together and traced through processing, and perhaps most importantly, that Catalyst paid a high premium to Degafe and the washing station to process this coffee with their exacting specifications.

The art for this nanolot series was created by Thomas Hash, who joined Red Rooster’s production team in January 2020. Using a lino block carving and watercolors, Thomas created a print that represents the rolling hills of both Southwest Virginia and Southern Ethiopia. Featuring two floral elements - orange flame azaleas and white coffee blossoms- these flowers were added as a nod to our stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway and coffee production in the Sidama region. Both are important economic drivers and also sources of great pride. 

Roast Profile Light
Process Natural
Location Demeka Becha, Bona Zuria, Sidama
Washing Station / Elevation Demeka Becha / 2100-2200 masl
Producer Degafe Burka


Pulling cherries from close to 10,000 producers in the areas surrounding the washing station, Demeka Becha is owned by Ayele Tulu and is managed by his son Tsegab Ayele. A true family business, Ayele's second son, Abinet, is ready to join the ranks after finishing college, and the family matriarch Genet Haile Endeshow is the heart that holds them all together.