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Ethiopia Aliye Majo

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Balanced by a creamy body, this lovely coffee offers fruity and floral notes of strawberry, jasmine, juicy red grape and sweet-tart apricot. Focusing on quality and advancing traceable, single-producer Ethiopian coffees, Asnake Bekele partnered with Aliye Majo's farm on this delicious natural processed Sidama coffee. Harvested by hand by over 80 seasonal and daily laborers, spread onto raised beds to dry, turned six times per day over 15-21 days, and transported to local dry mills for final processing, this coffee has been carefully handled every step of its way from the plant to your cup. 

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Roast Profile Light
Process Natural
Variety 74158, 74112
Location Hora Ela Village, Chiro District, Sidama
Farm / Elevation Aliye Majo Farm / 1935 masl


Asnake Bekele first brought the idea of raised-bed natural processing to Sidama many years ago, and it was quickly dismissed by producers. Luckily, he persevered and now Sidama produces delicious natural process coffees that are enjoyed the world over. Recently Asnake's company partnered with the importer Catalyst Trade in hosting an event focused on teaching local producers financial management, advanced processing, and many other aspects of successful coffee production. Aliye Majo was in attendance, and a coffee partnership was born.