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DR Congo Butembo

  • $13.99

Our Organic Kivu Special Prep coffee is grown and processed by the Soprocopiv cooperative and is dry-milled in the village of Butembo. Tasting notes of this organic coffee include tangelo acidity with maple syrup sweetness and warming spices.

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

The Soprocopiv coop is dedicated to sourcing and processing coffees from different farms around the North Kivu region. The coop was created in 2004 by a group of farmers who were motivated to improve their lives – specifically to improve education and healthcare services – through the production of specialty coffee. Their focus on good processing techniques that are supported by organic certification have led to development of better coffee that can be offered at a higher price level to the international market because of its quality. The coop members have the economic benefit of a sustainable income so that they can reinvest and continue to improve their techniques in planting, growing, and processing to ensure consistent, high quality coffee production.

Roast Profile Light-Medium Roast 
Process Washed
Variety Bourbon
Location North Kivu, Democratic Repbulic of Congo
Certified Organic