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Colombia Rio Negro

  • $16.99

Lemon Cake, Milk Chocolate, and Honeysuckle notes.

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Yellow Bourbon is a natural cross between Red Bourbon and Amarelo de Botacuto, which is labelled as a Typica variant with yellow fruit. Bourbon resulted from selections made by French botanists in wild Yemeni coffee groves. Moved to controlled fields for propagation, the relatively humble stock produced a remarkable variety and was given the namesake of its nursery - Bourbon Island - upon its introduction to South American. Under expanded cultivation in Brazil, a yellow mutant with a unique flavor profile expressed itself and was isolated, expanded, and named for its color. This Variety Select lot comes to us courtesy of 10 farmers from the small burroughs surrounding the village of Rio Negro, located in the municipality of Iquira, Huila.

Varietals 100% Yellow Bourbon
Region Iquira, Huila
Producers 10 farms near Rio Negro


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