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SOLD OUT - Colombia Nariño Excelso Marco Lopez

  • $13.99

Now $13.99 (was $17.49)! This microlot is a Red Rooster exclusive! Owned by lifelong coffee producer, Don Marco Fidel Lopez, Finca Bella Vista is located in the Las Cochitas sub-municipality of Buesaco and covers 2 hectares of land. This lot is washed, with a 36-hour fermentation time before being sun-dried on patios. Granny Smith apple, caramelized grapefruit and balanced honey sweetness.

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Don Marco is a member of Alianza Café, a producers’ association in the area that was founded to improve the lives of its members through technical advice in farm management, waste reduction, and environmental protection. Don Marco is happy to be producing coffee and remembers a time when he wasn’t able to, due to regional conflict. Up until 10-15 years ago, men were recruited or forced to work on building camps or roads for guerrillas controlling the area. He’s been able to return to coffee production and is happy to once again be following his life’s passion.

Roast Profile  Medium
Process Fully washed, patio and solar dried  
Variety Caturra,Castillo
Location Las Cochitas, Buesaco, Colombia


Marco Lopez