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Colombia Las Joyas Honey

  • $16.99

Our Colombia Microlot series continues with a delicious coffee from producer Edmundo Chasoy. This coffee is processed using the honey method, where the sugary layer surrounding the seed, called mucilage, is left intact and allowed to dry. Because of its sticky texture and golden amber color, coffee producers began to refer to this method as the "honey process". Expect dark chocolate and pomegranate in the aroma along with sweet dried cherry, walnut and dark chocolate in the taste.

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Las Joyas is grown at Edumdo’s estate, Finca Agua Linda, which is just under 5 acres and has about 7,000 trees in production. Finding pickers during the harvest season is one of Edmundo’s challenges; he and his family rotate among their own farms to support each other when needed. 

Roast Profile  Medium
Process Honey, Patio dried for 40 days under tarps               
Variety Caturra
Location Aponte, Narino, Colombia


Edmundo Chasoy