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SOLD OUT! Colombia Finca Rio Cofre

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NOW SOLD OUT. Finca Rio Cofre was purchased by a Norwegian immigrant to Colombia in 1965. After laying dormant for many years, his son, Axel Tveten, an agronomical engineer and avid outdoorsman, saw the untapped potential of this fertile land. Coffee is one of the few crops that can be grown in a way that protects local flora and fauna while also generating income for job creation. Rio Cofre sits on just over 30 acres and now employs 4 full-time workers, which is unheard of for a farm of this size. This microlot delivers a creamy, round body with nutty-dark chocolate flavor, sweet pineapple acidity and a blackberry and jasmine aroma. Scroll down for more info about the farm and bag design. 

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Organic cultivation of specialty- grade coffee is extremely labor- intensive and is only profitable when the quality is outstanding. Finca Rio Cofre does things few others bother to do, such as sort parchment by hand in order to produce the highest quality, cleanest cup possible. 

While arabica coffee is traditionally grown under hardwood shade, most coffee land in Colombia was clear-cut starting in the 70’s in the name of modernization and increased output. Through some are still practicing this method, it’s clear that this is a misguided practice and it’s had devastating environmental and social consequences. It can take 10-15 years to grow shade trees, so most farmers don’t bother. Axel, however, understands the importance of shade and biodiversity, so he and the team have planted a wide variety of native hardwoods.

The district of El Cofre is home to a division of the Nasa indigenous tribe who also have a great appreciation for the land and strive to protect its natural state. In many cases driven off their land by organized crime and insurgency, there is a great need for valuable employment in rural Cauca department. Finca Rio Cofre is proof that a sustainably-run coffee farm can have a positive impact in the community, by providing meaningful and quality employment through their dedication to quality and land preservation.

Designer's Notes

"This design is a nod to the coffee producer's, avid interest in nature and the outdoors. The featured bird is momotus aequatorialis or the Andean Mot Mot, found in the forests and woodlands of Northern Colombia."

Susan Lau, Graphic Designer

Roast Profile  Medium

Washed, 18- 48 hours dry fermentation in steel tanks and dried on raised mesh beds for 15- 20 days

Variety Tabi & Castillo
Location El Cofre, Cauca, Colombia


Axel Tveten



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