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Colombia Adolfo Isoto

  • $13.49

This coffee is a Red Rooster exclusive, as we purchased the entire lot while visiting Colombia in January. Tasting notes of this microlot include honeydew melon, Fuji apple, milk chocolate, caramel.

Weight 12 oz. (340g)

Coffee Info

Red Rooster exclusive! From the small farm of Las Margaritas, comes this delicious Colombian microlot. The farm has roughly 2.5 acres of land with over 3,000 producing trees. The Las Margaritas farm belongs to Asorcafe, an association which represents over 400 coffee growers, mostly in the municipality of Inza in Cauca. Started in 2004, their initial goal was to help their members gain access to the market place. Over the years, their focus has been on supporting their growers with technical and agronomical support, along with increasing quality control measures.

Roast Profile  Medium
Process Washed, fermented for 24 hours and dried in raised parabolic beds
Variety Caturra, Colombia
Location Tierras Blancas, Inza, Cauca


Las Margaritas



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