Red Rooster is a Virginia-based coffee company roasting only the highest quality beans from around the world.

SOLD OUT Big Box O' Coffee

  • $200.00

Our Big Box O’ Coffee is available for $200 (ships for free!) and includes our Holiday Blends, a top rated single origin, JT Copper's Good Food Award Finalist Golden Turmeric Syrup, and each of our 12 Days of Coffee special releases.  Scroll down to see what's in the box! 

Weight 11 lb. (4990g)


12 Days of Coffee

  • 2 x 12oz Holiday Bold
  • 2 x 12oz Holiday Sweet
  • 1 x 12oz Ethiopia Nansebo Worka (95 points, Coffee Review)
  • 2 x 6oz Nicaragua Brix Breaker (Day 1)
  • 1 x JT Copper Golden Turmeric Syrup (Good Food Award Finalist)
  • Day 6 Coffee (TBA 12/11)
  • Day 7 Coffee (TBA 12/13)
  • Day 9 Coffee (TBA 12/17)
  • Day 11 Coffee (TBA 12/21)

    Please note: If you need this coffee ground, please include a note in the cart message or email us at