Red Rooster is a Virginia-based coffee company roasting only the highest quality beans from around the world.

5 lbs. Flight Seasonal Espresso

  • $88.99

A seasonal blend curated for espresso.  Coffee drinkers looking for lighter roasts that pack more fruit and floral qualities will love this as drip.  Holds up well in milk but is best by itself. The latest edition of our seasonal espresso features three coffees, each with a different processing method. The new blend includes natural Ethiopia Arsosala, washed Ethiopia Idido and honey processed Colombia Hermes Adarme. Raspberry tea, tangelo, and butterscotch. Very sweet with lively acidity.

Weight 80 oz. (2268g)

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Coffee Info

In addition to our Old Crow Espresso, Red Rooster offers a flight of seasonal espressos throughout the year, with new versions available every 3 months. The artwork for Flight  is from our dear friend, Grant Figura and we think it represents our aggressive pursuit of great coffee. 

Roast Profile Medium Roast
Process Natural, Washed & Honey
Location Ethiopia & Colombia