Red Rooster is a Virginia-based coffee company roasting only the highest quality beans from around the world.

September 7th, 2016

Precise. Controlled. Meditative.

The V60 gives you a chance to slow down and take control of all the variables. It also gives you a clean cup with medium body and a great brightness and acidity.

What you’ll need:

  • Hario V60 (we prefer the 02 size) 

  • V60 filters

  • Burr Grinder

  •  24 grams of coffee ground on drip 

  • A Scale and Timer

  • Clean, Hot Water (200-205°F) 

  • Gooseneck Kettle

  • Freshly Roasted Coffee


  1. Heat the water and rinse the filter (dumping the rinse water before brewing).
  2. Grind the coffee.
  3. Place the V60 on the scale and add the ground coffee (shake slightly to create a level bed of coffee).
  4. Tare the scale.
  5. Hit the coffee with about 50 grams of water to wet all the grounds and cause the coffee to bloom. (When the coffee is freshly ground, you’ll see quite a dramatic bloom as all of the grounds become oxygenated and the essential oils and gases in the coffee are released) Bloom for 30 to 40 seconds.
  6. Once the coffee bloom has stopped bubbling, proceed with the first pour (about 100 grams), wetting all of the grounds in concentric circles beginning in the center.
  7. Continue pouring in a few small (about 50 gram) pours until you reach 360 grams.  After the last pour, use a small spoon or wooden paddle to gently stir a couple of times to bring the grinds off of the walls and into the middle.  This allows a good extraction of all of the coffee and avoids those “high and dry” grounds that cling to the sides. (You know you’ve had a good extraction if the coffee bed is flat or slightly domed when all of the coffee has drawn down).
  8. Toss the filter in your compost and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee.

The V60 was designed in Japan and the name comes from vector 60, the 60º angle of its cone. The V60 was first introduced in ceramic and glass, then in plastic, and is now even available in metal.